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We are very proud of the service we provide to our ferreteros. In fact, we see them dramatically more personal than most agencies in our field relationship. Our relationships with our friends hardware stores and hardware stores do not begin at 9 a.m. and end at 7:30 p.m., stay with us to continuously receive the quality service they deserve.
"Growing up in the industry is complicated if you don't have the support of a team behind, the advice, strategy and excellent advice given were indispensable for us to grow and reach more people."
Metales Ramírez
"These guys were very helpful in the entire digital marketing process we had. They guided us and made a complete strategy, helping us to reach larger companies and have greater diffusion of our products."
Aceros Murillo
"When we started working together the company was without much workflow, thanks to the advice, design and creation of the website my sales began to rise."
Carton Luber
"We had an excellent infrastructure but our workload was very low, we needed to sell and reach more people. ZPW Ferretero helped us grow even more and reach more companies."
"The recycling industry offered us the opportunity to expand our business and ZPW Ferretero helped us to be more seen, the location of potential customers and the advice we had on their part, made us a sustainable company."
"Our company had the loyalty of our customers, but we needed to reach others who did not know us, thanks to these guys we began to have a greater workload, calls and messages arrived every day. It's crazy !."
"The design of our online store, the optimization of the contents and the dissemination in social networks were fundamental for our company, now we send machinery every week and everything is thanks to ZPW Ferretero."
Ivainox Maquinaria